So you end up on the Lazy Slippers website or download the app out of curiosity, what do you do?

First of all, don't panic as this could be better for you than you think. (I feel a refer-a-friend bonus coming on ;)

Second; Although the mobile app is for parents, your child's nursery must be registered and this is where it gets good for you.

Copy and paste the below email to your childcare provider, nursery manager or childminder and CC into your email so we can follow up.

If they sign up to Lazy Slippers we'll give you £50!

Now, there are a few terms and conditions with this:

  1. The childcare provider must sign up and credit their account with 100 credits or more within 30 days of registering with us
  2. They must also register with us within 90 days of your email
  3. You may refer as many of your childcare providers as you like, however your child must have used the service of that provider in the last year



I was browsing the web and came across this app which I think you'll love!

It allows parents to book and pay for all of their childcare at any time of day or night. Its handy because it calculates all of the childcare vouchers and then gives you a register and a ledger for reconciling and accounting.

Id love it if the whole booking process was easier for me, you and the environment and think you should take a look at

You can also watch this video about them by clicking here.

Wouldn't it be great if you never had to chase an invoice ever again? This is your chance; I've copied them into this email so you can get in touch with them for a demo or to ask any questions.

No need to thank me - Lazy Slippers will take care of that :)