Now that you have safely downloaded the Lazy Slippers app, you are ready to book your children into your preferred nursery or childcare provider.

Your provider would have already set up their times, pricing and allocated vouchers to the relevant rooms and places along with setting the period you will be booking so the only thing you need to do is choose your booking times and pay.

This is how you do that.

Note: If you are booking government funded childcare at your nursery, please only book what you have already agreed when registering your place, otherwise their normal rates of charge will be applicable. Please contact your provider for any further information.

The first screen you will see when you log in to the app is tiles with your children's names on it. Press on each one to open the booking screen for that child (you will need to book separately for each child). You may see multiple tiles for your children if there is a holiday or after/before school club.

On the booking screen you will see the days and times for the morning, afternoon or full day depending on what your provider has available.

Select all of the relevant times for that period and enter the amount of childcare vouchers you would like to use and click next.

This will give you a summary of your booking and payment due (if any).