Lazy Slippers was created out of a need to simplify a very paper intensive and clunky booking process, so we've looked at some of the forms you use for your booking and have made this guide to help you use your current booking forms to set up your Lazy Slippers account.

When setting up your Lazy Slippers account it would help if you had the following information to hand:

Legal company information and contact details

Room names and age groups (if applicable)

Times and pricing information

The times and pricing information is mainly what we will use to convert your paper forms to digital with Lazy Slippers so you can get on the road to becoming a paperless nursery.

Many booking forms look something like this:

So you have the session names and the days monday-friday in this case. When you are setting up your Lazy Slippers account you will also need to input the times relating to these sessions.

If these differ on different days, use the earliest time that session can start and the latest time that session could end. You can set an hourly rate on the same screen of set-up along with the amount of hours and funded hours.

To help you navigate this screen, the group is where you will choose what age group/room this will apply to.

The App Header Description Is the name of your session which you can also use for reporting.

Once you have set your price for this session and the funding hours you would like to allocate to it, set your times and click 'Add'. You will then be able to add another session.

Note: You only have to do this once. However we are working on making this process more user friendly and so you may edit the information at any time following setup.

Doesn't look like your form? Send a blank one to and we will include it in this solution.