In order to start receiving payments directly from parents you must register for a free account with Stripe. This will help you to set up and activate your account.

Step 1: go to


Step 3: Enter the details you would like to use for your account; Email, name, password etc.

Step 4: Once registered you will need to confirm your registration by going to your emails and clicking the link in the email from stripe.

Step 5: Now you have confirmed your account, head to the 'Activate Your Account' link in the left hand column or from the menu on mobile and complete your personal and legal information for your childcare practice. 

NOTE: If you run your nursery or childcare business as a Limited Company you may want to obtain these details along with your bank information before completing activation.

Step 6: Click Activate!

Once you connect your Lazy Slippers Account to Stripe you will be able to receive payments from parents directly through the app.

Power up your booking process with Lazy Slippers and Stripe.